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About Us

London School of Aerospace and Engineering is strongly committed towards academic excellence and professional growth. We aim to provide cutting edge technology suitable for teaching, learning, research and innovations in engineering. Our programmes, backed by our highly qualified and experienced tutors, are characterised by choice, flexibility and career relevance. It gives scope to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We are fully committed to provide our students with a wide range of engineering courses in accordance with their interest and specialization.

To keep up with the high standards in a world of volatile markets and help our students emerge as leaders in technology, we concentrate on areas that facilitate on individual requirements. Our highly qualified faculty has a combination of experience and expertise combined with our professionalism. Students wishing to study at London School of Aerospace and Engineering will enjoy a great sense of accomplishment and achievement an experience that will prepare them for everlasting success in their relevant future careers and provide excellent value for money.

London School of Aerospace and Engineering encourage students to take up basic and modern academic projects. The basic project will help the automobile students to gain practical skills on how to design and repair motor vehicles. Aerospace engineering students will study aerodynamics, avionics systems, aircraft maintenance and quadcopters. The mechanical engineering students will learn how to operate centre lathe and CNC machines. Electrical and electronics students will focus on electrical installation and other use of electrical equipment such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supply, LJ equipment and aircraft instruments including gyroscopes, artificial horizon, vertical speed indicators, air speed indicators and altimeters

Modern projects with cutting edge technology demands perseverance, endurance and optimization and students wishing to gain higher academic qualification must be hardworking.

After gaining basic project experience, students will have the opportunity to gain employment in industry or progress to HND to work on higher academic projects such as Electrical Vehicles, Unmanned Aircraft, Hospital Therapeutic Equipment, NDT on Hair-Line Cracks, Fibre Optics and Satellite alignment

We strive to ensure that your time with us will be the most successful and the best to equip you for your intended career. Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best to reach and excel in your career aspirations.



The School is based on the belief that our student needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in engineering education.

We offer our students the following services

  • Induction
  • Heath/Safety guidance
  • One to one tutorials
  • Extra curriculum support
  • Counselling
  • Industrial visits
  • Advice on progression route (University or Industry)
  • Interview skills and preparation for employment

Extra Curriculum Support

The School is staffed by Special Educational Needs including teachers and School managers. Additionally we have a team of teaching assistants who provide support for students in the college. Study Centre staff are responsible for assessing all students upon entry to. The results are analysed alongside other data and used to identify students’ individual needs so that the right kind of support or intervention can be put in place. At LCAE identified students attend Extra Studies lessons during which they receive support for literacy, numeracy, homework, and study skills.


The School aims to support all students to develop the mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to function effectively and successfully in the world beyond school. Experience success within mathematics at whatever level they are working to develop the confidence to enable them to independently apply mathematics to a range of problem solving and investigative situations. LSAE wants their students to appreciate and enjoy the pattern, power and universality of mathematics Develop the independent, reflective and analytical learning habits which will help them develop into life-long learners. All year groups are taught a mixture of number, shape, algebra, trigonometric identities, data handling and problem solving.


The Science Curriculum team aims to enable students to learn about science and its relationship to engineering. The team helps students to develop interest and enthusiasm for science and its applications. We help students to learn about science in a stimulating and engaging manner with experimental and investigative abilities as well as practical skills. Develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods so that they can evaluate scientific data and claims as it relate to engineering.

Computer Aided Designing

CAD suit, a purpose built graphics room. The area also benefits from the expertise of staff with a range of employment backgrounds, some from industry and others with specialist teaching qualifications. Our aim is to create challenge for students in lessons and encourage independent investigation of successful design. Students are encouraged to understand why design is affected by society and benefits in the field of engineering. Design is not all about drawing and making products but a means of developing new technology and inspiring innovation through methodical and tested frameworks