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Welcome to London School of Aerospace & Engineering

The London School of Aerospace and Engineering (LSAE) delivers vocational courses in a broad range of aerospace and engineering subjects to young and adult learners. Our aim is to inspire excellent achievement of our students in the field of aerospace and engineering. Courses have an equal emphasis on theory and practical in order to build the next generation of skilled, knowledgeable, and analytical engineers with a genuine passion for the field.

Open for Enrolment and Enquiries

Open for tours/open days, taster sessions, enrollment and enquiries. Places are limited so contact us NOW!

Why Choose LSAE ?

  • London based aerospace college offering EASA Part 66
  • We offer HND and BTEC National Diploma in Aerospace Engineering
  • Emphasis on hands-on practical work
  • Purpose- built campus at Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence
  • Well-equipped, state-of-the-art workshop
  • Small group learning
  • Experienced lecturers with decades of relevant industry and teaching experience
  • Competitive fees

Inspiring Engineering Excellence

Training pilots and engineers for two of the most demanding professions in the world requires a very special approach, and complete dedication to the highest safety standards.  LSAE focuses on the delivery of high-quality training ensuring the most stringent of safety standards.

Extra Curriculum Support

At LSAE identified students attend extra studies lessons during which they receive support for literacy, numeracy, homework, and study skills.


The School aims to support all students to develop the mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to function effectively and successfully in the world beyond school. Experience success within mathematics at whatever level they are working to develop the confidence to enable them to independently apply mathematics to a range of problem solving and investigative situations. LSAE wants their students to appreciate and enjoy the pattern, power and universality of mathematics and develop the independent, reflective and analytical learning habits which will help them develop into life-long learners. All year groups are taught a mixture of number, shape, algebra, trigonometric identities, data handling and problem solving.


The Science Curriculum team aims to enable students to learn about science and its relationship to engineering. The team helps students to develop interest and enthusiasm for science and its applications. We help students to learn about science in a stimulating and engaging manner with experimental and investigative abilities as well as practical skills. Develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods so that they can evaluate scientific data and claims as it relate to engineering.

Computer Aided Designing

The area also benefits from the expertise of staff with a range of employment backgrounds, some from industry and others with specialist teaching qualifications. Our aim is to create challenge for students in lessons and encourage independent investigation of successful design. Students are encouraged to understand why design is affected by society and benefits in the field of engineering. Design is not all about drawing and making products but a means of developing new technology and inspiring innovation through methodical and tested frameworks